Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dream Review.

I see you out there. And I'm far away, there there. Just me who mouths, "where?" And time spars and stares. Because this is ridiculous, heeling to fictitious malignments. All drawn to the hilt frivolous, peeling fruit, vicious laments, tall fawn, a boon feels contagious. We are running softly upon pillows filling up with dead memories. Fighting amongst those weeping willows, I feel an empty tender release. I said what I did to walk into the woods without my lunch. I did what I did to let the lessor be known. I know what I know to keep the help at bay. I think what I think because I have no one to tell me otherwise. This four sided room has two ways out. No ceiling, no floor: up or down. I look laterally and each way is a dead end. It is either descent or ascent. An assessment of assents has me saying yes to this and no to that and getting a confused look on my life when I open my eyes and my body was there the whole time watching. It kept it's aches overnight. And I was drunk when I said I didn't believe and sober I feel an absence like nothing. I drive myself into a hole, a whole, a holy set of circumstances all my own. I drive myself into this.

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