Saturday, August 31, 2013

Serious For a Moment.

I've got no stake in heaven's sake.
I just watch from the shore as the waves break.
There must be dirt underneath.
Whatever bit me must've had teeth.
Keep digging.  Keep digging.
Leave the rigging out with what the wind brings.
Keep singing.  Keep singing.
Leave the bringer of the bell to the ringing.
There mustn't be much above.
From the dark wood an urge as a shove.
There mustn't be much below.
To where in the dark I mustn't know.
Keep loving.  Keep loving.
Your heart hovering just above me.
Keep moving.  Keep moving.
This life simply proving to be a good thing.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nothing Seen, No Time for Vision.

When you are close I tremble.
Such density all held in a thimble.
And it is like a dark star.
The weight of a heart in a tiny jar.
I walk into flat night.
The treble of step without sight.
My gaze lights upon an apparition.
No seams without decision.
There was nothing there before.
From black heat stalks forth a carnivore.
These limbs are detached and consumed.
A raking shot of a blood plume.
I got lost in you and I knew
that when I died among the blood roots grew.
I don't struggle though.
Your gifts are things yet known.
Your hair, your eyes, your jawline.
A constellation to which my heart aligns.