Sunday, April 5, 2015

Illusions Past #1.

All passwords fall out of my head
like the slips of paper after
the news of things passing
are torn up.
The newspaper tore apart.
Not that I would remember it.
The train car is sneaking by
with flesh stacked upon it's back.
Something about the way the sun rose today
made me feel a bit immortal.
It made me sick,
it made me hungry,
and I ate.
I ate heavy.
The people of the twenty first century
think of the late nineteenth century
and make amends with what I am.
Take this chic antiquity;
lose the phrenology and eugenics.
I know the liberal was libel
but I am filling up
even as I speak of equality.
The equation is not adding up
when I heft this ledger.
Held high above my head,
I'm lost in the economics.
My muscles atrophy
with the knowledge
of the world:
All of itself unjust.
Losing myself in the mirror,
a floating particle in the fluid of my eyeball.
All of the hunger,
all of the sickness.
Like all of it.